20/20 Vision 2Gen Summit Successful Event

20/20 Vision 2Gen Summit Successful Event

Inspiring An Open Dialogue About 2Gen Solutions and How to Interrupt Generational Poverty

Commemorating 20 years of transforming families from poverty to prosperity, this one-day thought leadership Summit hosted by Jeremiah Program, featured national and local speakers, and inspired open dialogue and visionary thinking about 2Gen solutions reducing generational poverty. The Summit gathered 300 leaders, practitioners and experts in the fields of education, child and brain development, family relationships, business and economics and philanthropy, along with Jeremiah Program alumnae, staff and community leaders.

The goal of the 2Gen Summit:

  • Bring the best minds in the field together to elevate the conversation about the two-generation model
  • Highlight current opportunities for investment in moving single mothers and their children toward educational success and economic security.

The 2Gen Model

Two-generation programs uniquely focus on the whole family and achieve long-term, sustainable results. Two-generation models have been proven to achieve significant educational, health, and economic benefits for parents, children, and communities. Parents demonstrate improved postsecondary retention and graduation rates and increased employment, job stability, and emotional well-being. Children achieve outcomes such as better classroom behavior, improved attendance rates and grades, increased literacy, and improved social adjustment (Ascend at the Aspen Institute).

For the last two decades, Jeremiah Program has developed some of the most impactful strategies for transforming families from poverty to prosperity, two generations at a time with limited government aid. A member of Ascend at the Aspen Institute, Jeremiah Program operates nationally in five states and prepares determined single mothers to excel in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance through empowerment, education and economic independence.