Mayo Clinic Gives Grant to Jeremiah Program

KIMT3 News – Mayo Clinic is awarding a substantial grant that will help Jeremiah Program better serve single mothers in southeast Minnesota starting this fall. The program helps to pull single mother families out of poverty by assisting with housing, child care, educational needs, and more. Those with the program say in Olmstead County that nearly 40% of single mothers with children under the age of 5 live in poverty while a little more than 1% of married couples do.

JoMarie Morris, the Executive Director of the Rochester-Southeast, MN program, says that the grant money from Mayo will not only help mothers but their kids as well. It “puts them on a trajectory to a career path that will not only move them out of poverty, but model for their children that going to work and being a productive citizen is the most important thing that you could be doing”.

The Rochester campus will start offering services in the fall of 2018.

Jeremiah Program Boston is in the Charity Warriors Challenge!

Boston’s Executive  Director, Emilia Diamant, is one of fourteen female leaders participating in this years Charity Warriors competition. Charity Warriors is a 10-week fundraising accelerator and competition for MA-based nonprofits. Diamant was chosen from a competitive pool to compete. Through weekly challenges,  Charity Warriors expand their network and raise funds for their important work.

There are three ways you can support Emilia in getting to the finals:

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