3 Ways Women Influence Memorial Day

3 Ways Women Influence Memorial Day

At Jeremiah Program we are all about empowerment of women. Giving single moms the support and tools to help them battle back poverty and become economically successful is a prime pillar of our theory of change. Understanding the significance of powerful, determined women in military service to our country is essential in understanding our whole history.

Here are 3 Ways women influence history:

ONE – Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, a day to place flowers and flags at the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Decoration Day got its biggest push by women after the Civil War as they noticed the neglect of the grave sites of Union soldiers. They began the movement to take a day to memorialize warriors.

TWO – Women volunteered in every war on record. And given the inherent danger, many died in service. As early as the Revolutionary War, women were medical caregivers; others were spies and some, disguised as men, fought in battles.

THREE – While 84% of active duty military are men, women in military families make huge sacrifices whether or not they are enlisted. One heavy burden is caring for children after a spouse is killed in combat. On special days like Memorial Day, these strong women still grieve and work to keep the memory of their spouse alive for their children.

Jeremiah Program remembers all who gave their lives in defense of American freedom. We also salute the role of women within the military.