Strategic Plan: 2019-2023


Over the next five years, Jeremiah will focus on increased impact in existing communities while responding to opportunities in new communities through delivery of its five core services for mothers and children. Jeremiah seeks to impact more than 4X more mothers and children by pursuing the following three new, cost-effective strategies while leveraging efficiencies across the current model.

Our strategic direction for the next three years:

  • Grow Scale the Jeremiah impact through three key growth initiatives
  • Excellence & Innovation Leverage lessons learned to drive maximum impact while maintaining quality
  • Measure Impact Invest in data collection to assess results, refine the program, and report out

To achieve this impact, Jeremiah will invest an estimated 5-year funding total of $50.5M across the organization ($14M more than steady state 5-year fundraising projections), and will continue to transform lives with donors’ support.

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Safe and Affordable Housing
Career-Track Education
Quality Early Childhood Education
Supportive Community
Empowerment & Life Skills Training

Our Mission

End the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children—two generations at a time.

2019-2023 Objectives