Strategic Plan: 2016-2018

Accelerate. Innovate. Demonstrate.

Our strategic direction for the next three years:

  • Acceleration of our impact
  • Innovation in how we deliver our program
  • Demonstration of our model as we advance a national conversation on the two-generation approach to ending poverty

This next chapter is focused on serving more families more quickly, at a lower cost when possible, always ensuring that the five core elements of our holistic model are successfully provided.

grad cap Support for a Career-Track, College Education

stars  Quality Early Childhood Education

housing Safe & Affordable Housing

life skillsEmpowerment & Life Skills Training

communitySupportive Community

Our Mission

To transform families from poverty to prosperity.

Our Vision

To advance the two-generation approach to ending poverty by accelerating our impact and reach through innovative program delivery and a national Jeremiah platform

Our Values

Stewardship • Healthy Relationships • Entrepreneurship • Respect • Outcomes

2016-2018 Objectives


We will increase the annual number of families served from 300 to 500 through expansion and innovation.


We will enhance and improve national expansion processes to be more efficient, cost effective and successful.


We will advance awareness of Jeremiah’s proven, holistic model by contributing to the national conversation about two-generation approaches to poverty.


We will expand organizational and fundraising capacity to achieve Jeremiah’s mission, vision and strategic direction.

Equal Housing Opportunity
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