Award-Winning Filmmaker Releases New Video on Jeremiah

Award-Winning Filmmaker Releases New Video on Jeremiah

In an effort to highlight the successes of programs and policies that build a cycle of opportunity for families, filmmaker Steve Liss, in collaboration with Ascend at the Aspen Institute, has created two documentary short films featuring promising two-generation programs.

“Unless people believe that things really can improve, they will not be motivated to work toward change,” says Liss of his decision to capture the leadership of Gloria Perez, President & CEO of Jeremiah Program, and Henry Wilde, Acelero Learning Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer and a national board member of Jeremiah Program.

“Steve’s work is nothing short of stunning,” says Perez. “We are grateful he took the time to understand and capture the successes of our organization.”

Watch the Jeremiah Program video here.