A Report on a Wonderful Bullfrog Bash

A Report on a Wonderful Bullfrog Bash

Bash2015-004Thanks to the more than 500 people who attended, donated, volunteered, and danced at this year’s amazing Bullfrog Bash at The Depot! Your support makes it possible for us to transform the lives of the determined women and children we serve.

As our speaker, Alisha, a current resident, shared, “I stand in front of you, first of all a loving mother, then a grateful daughter, supportive friend, and thriving, confident and stable graduate of Jeremiah. I am living proof that the mission works. Thank you for supporting Jeremiah Program. I hope you see in my success, which is yours, too, that your support makes a difference for not just one but two generations.”

Our deep thanks to our community of supporters, our board and staff, Alisha, and the many volunteers who made this event happen.

Bash guests are encouraged to take a tour of the Minneapolis or St. Paul campus. To schedule, contact Justin Kutzer.