CDC Teacher – Austin, MSP, and St. Paul

CDC Teacher – Austin, MSP, and St. Paul

About Jeremiah Program

Jeremiah Program (JP) offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for ending the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. Two-generation – or 2Gen — programs uniquely focus on the whole family and achieve long-term, sustainable results. The approach has been proven to achieve significant educational, health and economic benefits for parents, children, and communities.

Jeremiah Program is expanding throughout the country to meet the growing demand for its model. The organization has campuses in Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN, Rochester-SE, MN, Austin, TX, and Fargo, ND.

In Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY, Jeremiah has introduced an innovative non-residential model, working with leading organizations to serve mothers and children. Learn more at  Jeremiah Program.

Jeremiah Program was born from Minneapolis community leaders’ compassionate concern for the barriers facing the growing number of low-income single mothers in their community. Partnering with single mothers attending local community colleges, they identified safe and affordable housing, as well as education for both mom and child, as the most important tools for ending intergenerational poverty. Our downtown Minneapolis campus was built in 1998, followed by our St. Paul campus in 2007. With a 21-year history of inspiring post-secondary graduation rates and living-wage employment for single moms and brighter futures for their children, JP continues to play a critical role in disrupting the impacts of poverty in all communities where we operate, bolstering equity so all families can build well-being and achieve economic prosperity.

Core Responsibilities

Responsible for teaching children within the Child Development Center, maintaining the overall health, safety, and growth in the center while reflecting the Jeremiah mission, encompassing the values, vision, and purpose of the program. Responsibilities include developing the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of children; ensuring the physical and emotional safety of the center; maintaining records as required by DHS and collaborating with parents and cross-team members to ensure the growth of children.

Primary Responsibilities:

Classroom Management

  • Create and maintain a classroom environment that stimulates and is conducive to learning
  • Maintain accurate and complete files for children as required by DHS (emergency cards, field trip, and conference forms, attendance, CACFP, accident/incident reports, etc.)
  • Implement, and post cross-cultural, developmentally approved curriculum for children
  • Maintain order within the classroom, storage areas, changing room, indoor and outdoor play areas, so they are attractive, sanitary, orderly, and in compliance with governing bodies
  • Manage classroom supplies and materials and report needs to CDC Manager/Director
  • Understand State Licensing requirements to operate and maintain a childcare program
  • Serve meals according to USDA/CACFP meal portion guidelines

Direct Services

  • Develop lesson plans through approved curriculum to ensure the progress of the entire class. For curriculum requiring notes be kept, assure up to date notes are taken
  • Develop and maintain positive, respectful relationships with parents, working with them to enhance their child’s education and development, and providing resource referrals for parental questions and concerns
  • Ensure children are supervised at all times in the classroom, hallways, and offsite activities
  • Demonstrate positive interactions with parents through Family Goal Planning meetings and Parent- Teacher conferences
  • Encourage and participate in center wise parent involvement initiatives. (e.g., Preschool graduation)
  • Communicate classroom activities daily with parents regarding changes in their child’s development, behavior, and well-being by completing daily written reports
  • Develop growth plans regarding child development and other support resources in collaboration with parents, co-teacher, and the Family Coach when necessary
  • Administer child assessments using the ASQ tool as prescribed and conduct parent-teacher conferences bi-annually

Program Support

  • Maintain compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements (e.g., CACFP and state licensing requirements)
  • Always provide and promote healthy boundaries and confidentiality
  • Leverage volunteers and interns to increase organizational capacity within Child Development Center

Other Duties as assigned

  • All Jeremiah Program employees are mandated reporters and are legally required to ensure a report is made when abuse is observed or suspected


  • Meet and maintain teacher qualifications and state quality system rating requirements (Required hours vary by state)
  • CPR and First Aid certified (preferred)
  • Ability to problem solve, multi-task, complete work on time and work independently
  • Comprehensive knowledge of current child development practices
  • Must be able to lift 40
  • Proficiency in computer skills, i.e., Microsoft, SharePoint
  • Passion for the Jeremiah Program mission and values

How to Apply

Jeremiah Program is committed to the recruitment, selection, development, and promotion of employees based on individual merit. Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunity to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

We offer competitive compensation, including employer-paid health and dental, life and disability insurance and generous time off.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online. Please upload a current resume and thoughtful cover letter articulating your interest and fit for the role, including compensation requirements.