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Jeremiah Program moves forward in Charlottesville

2GenCville to merge with Jeremiah Program.

Former Harvard roommates unite to serve Jeremiah

Jeremiah also welcomes three new members to its board.

CBS 19 reports on Jeremiah's efforts in Charlottesville, VA

Reporter Courteney Stuart talks with community leaders about bringing the two-generation approach to the area.

More than 11,500 people in the Charlottesville area live below the poverty line, and 1,330 of these people are children. The vast majority of these children live in single mother-headed households.

Families living in poverty face significant barriers to succeeding without the support of a program like Jeremiah.

In 2014, a local initiative of civic leaders, 2GenCville, began exploring two-generation approaches for addressing poverty and identified Jeremiah Program as a leading national model. After conducting a feasibility study and establishing collaborative relationships with partners, 2GenCville and Jeremiah Program leaders are moving to the next phase of exploration and fundraising for Jeremiah Program Charlottesville.

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The Opportunity

» A college education is the pathway that leads a single mother and her child(ren) to self-sufficiency. Research shows that a mother’s education level and the quality of the home environment determine how well a child does in school and economically throughout his or her life.

» Jeremiah Program’s residential model provides security, stability, and community for single mothers while they pursue their post-secondary education.

» While mothers are studying and working, Jeremiah children receive high quality early childhood education to prepare them for school success.

» Increased Earnings: Our most recent graduates are earning 68% more than when they started at Jeremiah

» School Readiness: 88% of children in Jeremiah’s child development centers are performing above age-appropriate developmental benchmarks.

» Workforce Development: Investing in single mothers’ educations contributes to our community’s workforce needs and makes a lasting impact on multiple generations.

For more information:

Graham Scharf
(347) 661-8411


PO Box 5043
Charlottesville, VA 22905

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