Jeremiah Program has developed free virtual resources for its mom and children, and for any parent educating their children at home, to use during the pandemic and after.


Children’s brains develop quicker from birth to kindergarten than at any other time in life. They’re absorbing information, investigating their surroundings, and discovering their place in the larger world. Every interaction and experience helps build the crucial introductory skills that children will use the rest of their lives. Use these materials to help ensure that the children in your life get a quality start to their educations.  


These age-appropriate, learning materials include the core areas of Literacy, Foundational Math, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), and Handwriting, and incorporate themes to keep children engaged. Everyday materials/supplies are used in the activities to accommodate the home classroom, and so that all families are able to participate. New lessons released weekly.

Younger Preschool
Older Preschool