Education is Power

Education is Power

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

In the culmination of our deep dive into Jeremiah Program’s five pillars, we are exploring the positive effects of career track education for Jeremiah families. In collaboration with Jeremiah’s other four pillars (supportive community, quality early childhood education, empowerment and life skills training, and safe and affordable housing), career track education helps launch Jeremiah mothers into lifelong success.

Career track education can look different for each of our families; some Jeremiah moms choose an associate’s degree and later complete their bachelor’s degree, and some achieve a teaching license or nursing certification. Our families live at Jeremiah program for an average of three years, giving them the time and flexibility to attend school, work, raise their children and launch themselves into a higher paying, rewarding career.

Jeremiah provides the foundation, the pillars and the support, and our families do the hard work every day, using their own determination and tenacity, to create change for themselves.

Jeremiah Program truly is a place for transformation.

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