Announcing the Epic Battle 2016 Winners

Announcing the Epic Battle 2016 Winners

boss-hoggettes-and-hoggsTeams of 20 “battled” through outrageous games in support of Jeremiah families in Austin on November 5. We couldn’t have had more fun while raising money for the determined young women and children we serve.

Overall Team Spirit: Rattlesnakes

Pre-Game Hype: JP Fun Raisers

Best Sportsmanship: Raging Roadkill

Should’ve Stayed at the Bar: Boss Hoggettes and Hoggs

raging-roadkillEager Beaver (most likely to start training for EB 2017 tomorrow): Ken Armond

First Place for the games: Tie between Bullfrogs (led by Austin Community Trustees Chair Glenda Holmstrom and Trustee Melissa Gray) and Rattlesnakes (led by Trustee Laura Bennett)

Deadass Last: Jolly Ranchers

Loudest Outfit: Jailin Wu (JP Fun Raisers)

shannon-tracey-laura-and-debbieTop Fundraising: Stinging Scorpions (led by Trustee Tracey Sharples)

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