JP Kids to Attend Summer Camps

JP Kids to Attend Summer Camps

Exciting opportunity for JP kids to learn and play

Jeremiah Program team
June 15, 2020

These last few months, our communities have seen unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty, and no one has been more affected that our children. They’ve had to learn to ‘go to school’ at home, been cooped up, unable to play with friends, and even frightened in many cases.

Jeremiah Program is very carefully working through the un-sheltering process, committed to safety and to providing quality child development centers and education to the JP kids. Responding to COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing, we’ve created a two-part plan that limits the number of the oldest and most active children on-site in the child development centers and provides an exciting and new option for our older children.

We’re very pleased to announce that – for the first time – we’ve arranged for JP kids attending our child development centers to attend summer camps at their local YMCA.  This is a wonderful opportunity for these children, ages three to six, to grow their experiences, build self-confidence and participate in activities including kids’ fitness, music, water safety, gardening and cooking.

Not only do these children get the opportunity to participate in stimulating and fun activities, but they’ll be able to do it with appropriate social distancing. The Y’s have large buildings and outdoor spaces that will allow the older and more energetic children to play and learn safely. While the older children are at camp, the younger ones and staff will have even more room at the JP child development centers.

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