Program Manager/Family Coach – Boston

Program Manager/Family Coach – Boston

Our History

Jeremiah Program offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for ending the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. Two-generation – or 2Gen — programs uniquely focus on the whole family and achieve long-term, sustainable results. The approach has been proven to achieve significant educational, health and economic benefits for parents, children and communities.  

Jeremiah Program is strategically growing throughout the country to meet the growing demand for its model. The organization has campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, Austin, TX, Fargo, ND, and Rochester-SE, MN. Our national office and Campus Support Team is in Minneapolis. Learn more here.  

In Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY, Jeremiah introduced an innovative nonresidential model, working with leading organizations to serve mothers and children. JP Boston operates in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, and most JP Boston’s current families live in the Roxbury, Dorchester, and the Mattapan neighborhoods. 

JP came to Boston in 2014 to join the ecosystem of great organizations supporting postsecondary persistence for single mothers in the Boston community. The Boston program represented JP’s first nonresidential program, partnering with key higher education, early childhood, and housing organizations to deliver 2Gen programming rather than building our own affordable housing and onsite child development facilities.

The Role

The Family Coach role reports directly to the Family Services Manager, who reports to the Executive Director. This role is responsible for coaching JP participants in support of their achievement of self-reliance, improved life skills, family goal planning, and personal empowerment. Responsibilities include: providing the primary source of support and encouragement, tracking the participants’ progress toward education, family and employment goals, resource referral, crisis intervention, and data collection.

JP’s 2020 budget is $15M and supports a staff of 120 nationally. There is a national governing board of directors, as well as a community board of trustees in each city.

Key Responsibilities


The Family Coach is responsible for representing the two-generation mission of the program and working directly with participants at the JP-Boston campus.

Key responsibilities include the following:


  • Co-develop individual goal plans for participants to provoke self-discovery and personal growth; engage in goal setting and meaningful action.
  • Coach participants by encouraging self-responsibility, promoting alignment between their personal values and actions and generating innovative solutions using empowerment techniques.
  • Coach participants to progress in their life skill development and achieve goals by providing support, crisis intervention, guidance, and resource referral.
  • Reinforce Empowerment and Life Skills content and topics during coaching sessions.
  • Collaborate and strategize with participants on effectively partnering with outside supportive systems and agencies.
  • Assist participants with a variety of topics including housing, immigration, legal matters, etc.
  • Support participants in creating personal budgets and managing their finances.
  • Maintain efficient, confidential and organized records; provide timely and appropriate case notes in Apricot (Jeremiah Program’s case management system).
  • Collect, record and administer participant self-assessments and other participant data regarding outcomes progress.
  • Collaborate and participate in team meetings with Boston staff, cross-location Jeremiah Program staff meetings, and all-staff meetings.

Program Operations


  • Work closely with the Family Services Manager to ensure programs are implemented and outcomes are achieved.
  • Collaborate with other employees to ensure quality, seamless service delivery.
  • Collaborate with Participant Council Leaders, empowering participants to take active roles in programming and the community.
  • Support community partnerships and events.
  • Ensure implementation of program policies and processes, tracking participant progress and outcomes and providing redirection and follow-up where applicable.
  • Provide staff presence and leadership during Life Skills evening or weekend programming and other times as assigned. 
  • Assist in planning Graduation and other participant events. 


  • Maintain professional conduct at all times, in conjunction with The Jeremiah Program mission, and contribute to the inclusive and safe learning environment for the community.
  • Handle sensitive information in a confidential manner.
  • All Jeremiah Program employees are mandated reporters and are legally required to ensure a report is made when abuse is observed or suspected.


Professional Experience/Qualifications


The Family Coach must believe in and be a passionate advocate for JP’s mission and values. They must possess and deep desire to support families and grow professionally. A qualified applicant will demonstrate the qualifications below.


  • Compassionate and Supportive-  You are, first and foremost, kind and uplifting. You take your clients’ struggles seriously, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. You have an incredible ability to walk a mile in your client’s shoes yet retain enough distance to see the big picture and offer guidance and direction.
  • Problem Solver- Problems may arrive by the dozen on any given day and you bring multiple talents to finding solutions, serving as a researcher, interviewer, advocate, and strategist. You work collaboratively, creatively, and with curiosity to craft solutions.
  • Ethical Standards– you uphold the highest principles and standards and adhere to laws of patient privacy and confidentiality like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). You understand the difference between client privacy, confidentiality, and privileged communication and stay current on professional standards and regulations.
  • Organization and Coordination- You have the ability to successfully manage and prioritize the logistical aspects of the job so you can maximize the amount of time you’ll have on your schedule to provide meaningful services to your clients. You are able to coordinate communication and action among multiple parties.
  • Demonstrates Empathy without Compromising Boundaries– You are empathetic by nature, yet you also maintain the capacity to set boundaries and accept the limits of what can be accomplished during a specified period of time.
  • Positive and Honest– While you’re more than happy to inspire a client with a positive, uplifting viewpoint, you’re also not afraid to tell it like it is. You are kind but you don’t shy away from the truth.
  • Strong Communication Skills- You are an excellent communicator, advocating for your clients and communities, eliciting vital support from other agencies and individuals, and developing rapport with your clients. Your sophisticated level of communication shows up in your active listening as well as verbal and written communication.
  • Mission Alignment: You have enthusiasm for JP’s mission and also a commitment to building/deepening your commitment to racial justice.
  • Professional Experience: You have (7) seven years of coaching OR social/human service experience. You are known for completing responsibilities on time and achieving your goals.
  • Education: You have, at minimum, a BA/BS in Education, Human Services, Social Work or related field.


Jeremiah Program is committed to the recruitment, selection, development and promotion of employees based on individual merit. Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunity to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.  

We offer competitive compensation including employer-paid health and dental, life and disability insurance and generous time off. Candidates will be located at our Central Services office in Minneapolis, MN.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online. Please upload a current resume and thoughtful cover letter articulating your interest and fit for the role, including compensation requirements.