Investment from Philanthropy Partner Stand Together

Investment from Philanthropy Partner Stand Together

Jeremiah receives $700,000 to serve more families

National venture philanthropy group and social change platform, Stand Together commitments $700,000 to Jeremiah Program to increase capacity by 25 percent in 2019. The funding is part of a series of investments from Stand Together during January’s National Poverty Awareness Month to expand the work of organizations in its Catalyst Network, a growing group of more than 115 innovative organizations that are transforming communities across the country and helping people break free of the cycle of poverty.

“Jeremiah Program is powered by the belief that people have intrinsic value,” said Gloria Perez, Jeremiah Program President and CEO. “They have the power to change their own lives. With that in mind, our efforts aim to overcome persistent poverty and achieve economic mobility for single moms and their children.”

“To invest in the child is to invest in the mother, and to invest in the mother is to invest in the child,” said Evan Feinberg, executive director of Stand Together. “Caring for both is the best thing you can do to eradicate poverty in a family for good. We’re so pleased to be able to help families through this investment in the Jeremiah Program and eager to hear stories of lives changed.”

The Jeremiah Program serves single mothers and their children, equipping them with the tools and services they need to break the cycle of poverty. Through a network of other women and volunteers, clean and affordable housing, personal and professional skills-building programs and early childhood education centers, women are enabled to care for themselves and their families. Stand Together’s investment in Jeremiah Program will allow the organization to serve 48 more families in 2019, raising the total number of families served to 196 by the end of 2019.

“Our two-generation and capabilities-based approach build family prosperity,” Perez said. “We know it works because we see results including 55% of Jeremiah single moms graduating with post-secondary degrees compared to only 8% in the general population. The children are showing the same capabilities with program preschoolers scoring 89% above kindergarten-readiness standards.”

“The Stand Together financial commitment means more than increasing families served by 30 percent,” said Perez. “It shows our moms that others believe in their quest toward empowerment and significance for themselves and their children. That is life-changing.”