Jeremiah Program Featured on WDAY TV in Fargo

Jeremiah Program Featured on WDAY TV in Fargo

Free program focuses on personal
development for single mothers

By Kelsey Roseth
WDAY Fargo, ND

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Single mothers are getting a chance at a better future. A few months ago, we told you about a project in the making, aimed to help young women achieve their goals. Now, mothers who are part of the Jeremiah Program are on a path to success.

For Brittany Wendt, the Jeremiah Program means a lot to her and her one year old son Madix. It’s making her dreams a reality.

BRITTANY WENDT – Jeremiah Program Participant: “I want to be a really good mom, and with being so young, and having a child, it’s very frustrating.”

20-year-old Brittany’s enrolled in a ten week long course, one hour, once a week, designed for personal development. It’s open to any young, single mother for free.

Wendt: “I’m in school for massage, and I really need the fire under my butt to keep going.”

Young mothers like Brittany are thrown into adulthood. Sometimes without the right tools. So the course covers healthy living, career growth, budgeting, and more.

HOPE ADAM – Jeremiah Program: “When the program is done, and they’ve learned about some of these topics, it will help them change and start growing, moving in new directions.”

And Brittany’s top priority? Parenting Skills. She says she could toughen up when it comes to discipline.

Wendt: “How to be strict, and not too strict, but put boundaries with my son.”

All the course requires is that women make a commitment. To the program, to change, and to their future.