Jeremiah Program Launches Rochester-Southeast Minnesota Campus for Single Mothers and their Children

Jeremiah Program Launches Rochester-Southeast Minnesota Campus for Single Mothers and their Children

(Rochester, MN – August 3, 2017) –Jeremiah Program Rochester-Southeast Minnesota launched its campaign for a campus in Rochester to serve 40 single women with children from Southeast Minnesota, with the assistance of a gift from the Sisters of Saint Francis, Rochester, MN.

Jeremiah Program is one of the nation’s most successful strategies to move single mothers and their children from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time.  Grounded in research, Jeremiah Program creates a family culture focused on academic achievement and child development. For single mothers, helping their children succeed motivates their own educational efforts. By observing their moms, children acquire the belief that they, too, will attend college one day.

Last year, the Sisters of Saint Francis created a Task Force to identify an organization consistent with Franciscan core values, which would bring about systemic change in the community.  While Jeremiah Program is a nondenominational organization, the program’s mission, rooted in Bible verse Jeremiah 29:7, is aligned with the values and mission of Sisters of Saint Francis, advancing the premise that when you seek the well-being of the city and all its residents, the city and all its people prosper.

“Our hope is that this gift will inspire further community investment in Jeremiah Program to accelerate the building of a local campus and truly begin breaking the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children in Southeast Minnesota,” said Rochester Sisters of Saint Francis President, Sr. Marilyn Geiger. “Our Congregational Directional Statement declares that, in addition to other issues, we are to focus on areas of injustice…and promote the empowerment of women.”

The Sisters of St. Francis will sponsor a presentation at the Assisi Heights Spirituality Center on November 16, to introduce and further inform the community about Jeremiah Program.

For more information about Jeremiah Program in Rochester-Southeast Minnesota, contact JoMarie Morris, 507-254-7901 or