JP Introduces At-home Lessons for Infant to Pre-K

JP Introduces At-home Lessons for Infant to Pre-K

These creative new resources, covering core education areas are available to any parent, free of charge.

JP provides easily accessible lessons for at-home learning

Jeremiah Program team
June 15, 2020

Children’s brains grow and develop more quickly from birth to pre-K than at any other age. They’re absorbing vast amounts of information, exploring how the world around them works, and learning how they fit into that world. Every moment is a learning moment and an opportunity to build introductory skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

That’s why it was so important for Jeremiah Program to maintain its quality child development program, along with the rest  of its programming, when the pandemic took hold, and schools and childcare centers were forced to close for the safety of the children. Face-to-face learning between the teachers and children was not possible, but the JP team was committed to continuing to provide the critical learning materials and education that serves as a means to disrupting the cycle of poverty – for mothers and children.

Led by Crystal Ward and Rebecca Putzer, the work to reimagine how the program could be modified and deployed virtually began immediately. By leveraging resources and expertise from all seven campuses across the US, a quality, distance learning program that will benefit all of the JP children, and, for the first time, benefit children and families outside the JP program, was created. With new weekly lesson packets using items that can be found in most homes, JP is providing important information, stimulating materials, and learn-while-having-fun activities and lessons for infant through preschool ages.

The virtual, age-appropriate lessons cover the core areas of Literacy, Foundational Math, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), and Handwriting for the children. The packets do not need to be used in any particular order so parents can easily pick and choose the lessons, both parent/child and independent study options.

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