March Volunteer Spotlight

March Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Lydia and Mac Soldano

Our March Volunteer Spotlight is for a mother and daughter team, Lydia and Mac Soldano. They are rockstars in our Cook for Kids Program, providing meals for our Jeremiah families before empowerment and life skills classes as well as providing childcare during each class. This dynamic duo has also gone above and beyond to show some love to our amazing teachers in our Child Development Center, organizing breakfast tacos and treats for a Teacher Appreciation Day. Let’s hear more from Lydia and Mac:

How did you hear about Jeremiah Program?
Through our volunteer group, National Charity League, Inc.

How long have you been volunteering at Jeremiah Program?
About three years.

What do you love most about volunteering at Jeremiah Program? 
We enjoy seeing the kids during class time and having fun on the playground, but our biggest love is planning and preparing meals for the families in the program.  We always make enough for us to eat at home, so it’s like we are sharing a meal with Jeremiah.

Please share a favorite memory/funny story while volunteering. 
We were working in the classroom and there was a fire drill.  We loved how everyone worked together to get out of the building and how sweet it was for all the kids to get big hugs from their moms.

Please share a fun fact about you.
We have visited all 50 states and their capitals.

Thanks again Lydia and Mac. We love that you volunteer as a family to help our Jeremiah families. Y’all are truly wonderful!

Are you interested in volunteering with Jeremiah Program? Check out the opportunities and fill out an application. Thanks for considering lending a hand.