Our Impact

Jeremiah Program has high expectations for determined young women to further their education and to prepare their children for school success.

Jeremiah Program

The program provides the opportunities and tools; the young mothers, most of whom come from challenging backgrounds and life situations, have to do the work.

This combination of high expectations and holistic support works. Several recent studies have proven a significant return on investment in the families Jeremiah Program serves, including a recent analysis by Wilder Research.

Every $1 invested in a Jeremiah family can return up to $4 to society through first-generation benefits of decreased dependence upon public assistance and increased taxable earnings, plus second-generation benefits of increased lifetime earnings/taxes paid, and savings from costs associated with crime and special education.


For every 100 graduates of Jeremiah Program, society receives net benefits of nearly $16 million
source: Wilder Research

Every $1 invested in early childhood saves at least $7 in social costs
source: Ascend at the Aspen Institute

Our most recent graduates

68% increase in their earnings since when they started at Jeremiah.
100% able to afford safe housing.

Household Impact


the average annual income of graduates from the past five years


of graduates from past five years have significantly decreased reliance on public assistance


of children in Jeremiah’s Child Development Centers are performing above age-appropriate developmental benchmarks.