Postsecondary Education Critical to Economic Success for Single Moms

Postsecondary Education Critical to Economic Success for Single Moms

The contemporary workforce looks dramatically different than in generations past. Most Americans can no longer work their way into a middle-income, blue-collar career with only a high school diploma. In fact, researchers at the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University argue that the post-Great Recession economy has divided the United States along a fault line demarcated by a college education. Postsecondary education presents a path to a living wage career for single mothers. With each additional level of education after high school, single mothers experience an approximately 32% average decline in the likelihood of living in poverty (Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2018).

Jeremiah Program Elevates Single Mom’s College Expectations

The Jeremiah mindset, culture, and program offerings can have a lasting impact on social change. The next information session about program application is April 25, although interested candidates are always welcome to apply.

“We coordinate five critical resources to ensure that our mothers complete a career-track college education and their children are set up for academic and lifelong success,” said Shivonne McKay, Jeremiah New York executive director.  “We partner with diverse single women living below the poverty line and their young children to advance social and economic mobility for both generations.”

According to a Wilder Research study of the Jeremiah Program New York, the projected Return on Investment to “society overall,” which includes the benefits accrued by taxpayers and participants is as high as $14 per dollar invested.

In addition to the economic benefits for the mothers and their children, it is expected that there would be economic gains accrued by the government. For instance, the increased earnings from the educational achievement of mothers and children will generate additional tax revenues.

Looking for Mom’s Interested in Changing Their Lives

Last year 39 women and children participated in the program. Goals for New York are to expand to serve even more families in the next five years. Information sessions introduce the concept to potential participants including the admissions process and program expectations.

The first step in the program is empowerment training which is a prerequisite for admissions. Empowerment is based on the idea that the more a person regulates her state of mind, the more powerful she feels—and the more equipped she is to succeed in life.

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