Resilient & Determined—JP Responds

Resilient & Determined—JP Responds

Dear Friends,

We’re in unprecedented times for our communities and our nation. While all of us are facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and trying to adjust to a new normal, I know that you remain concerned about the moms, children, and staff of Jeremiah Program that you have faithfully supported and encouraged.

Jeremiah Program will not let any of our families down.
No Jeremiah Program families will lose their secure housing and have to worry where they’ll sleep. And we’re ensuring that all of our properties are maintained and able to absorb the increased number of hours families are at home.

Our moms will have to continue their educations virtually for the time being, and they are at great risk of losing their hourly, low-wage jobs. We will make sure that they have access to the internet and necessary computer equipment to continue their classes, work remotely if possible, and look for new jobs if necessary.

In accordance with local school board decisions and federal guidance, we’ve closed our childhood development centers until we’re told it’s safe to reopen them. We’re exploring early childhood enrichment opportunities that can be provided remotely by our teachers and are committed to finding solutions for our families in this challenging time.

Our family coaching sessions are critical to the success and mental health of single mothers working their way out of poverty. We will continue those sessions virtually or by phone and ensure that every mom can take advantage of them. We are also actively exploring virtual options to reimagine and deliver our critical Empowerment and Life Skills programming to new and current moms.
We already know that our moms and children are determined and resilient. They’ve shown that by becoming a part of the Jeremiah Program. Our staff is determined and resilient too. We will have to be innovative and resourceful, but with your help, we will follow through on our commitments to our families who rely on the proven programmatic services we offer.

You can help by making a donation today to ensure that we have the resources to continue our vital work helping single moms disrupt the cycle of poverty. They need us now, more than ever. Thank you for all you’ve done to support the women, children, and staff of Jeremiah Program. I promise to keep you updated as we navigate this national crisis. Be safe and well.


Chastity Lord
President + CEO

PS: Volunteer-led activities are on hold and non-essential staff will be working from home. To continue to support our families, our buildings will be open and staffed by two essential employees Monday-Friday. Finally, we’ve launched a web page where we will post updates regarding our COVID-19 response.