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Across our seven campuses, the JP team works tirelessly through the challenges of these troubling times, and also leverages the opportunities that arise to better partner with and support JP moms and families. Hear and read the words of JP staff members as they candidly reflect on what it takes to deliver JP’s proven two-generation strategy to disrupt poverty.

We’re in unprecedented times for our communities and our nation. While all of us are facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and trying to adjust to a new normal, I know that you remain concerned about the moms, children, and staff of Jeremiah Program that you have faithfully supported and encouraged.

Jeremiah Program will not let any of our families down.
No Jeremiah Program families will lose their secure housing and have to worry where they’ll sleep. And we’re ensuring that all of our properties are maintained and able to absorb the increased number of hours families are at home.

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Jeremiah Program is committed to sharing the stories our moms who face and overcome the barriers to a path out of poverty. We bring you the voices of Jeremiah mothers who, despite facing challenges are now walking pathways of sustained success and agency in their own lives.

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