Student Program Coordinator

Student Program Coordinator

About Jeremiah Program

Jeremiah Program (JP) offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for ending the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. Two-generation – or 2Gen — programs uniquely focus on the whole family and achieve long-term, sustainable results. The approach has been proven to achieve significant educational, health, and economic benefits for parents, children, and communities.

Jeremiah Program is expanding throughout the country to meet the growing demand for its model. The organization has campuses in Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN, Rochester-SE, MN, Austin, TX, and Fargo, ND.

In Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY, Jeremiah has introduced an innovative non-residential model, working with leading organizations to serve mothers and children. Learn more at  Jeremiah Program.

Jeremiah Program was born from Minneapolis community leaders’ compassionate concern for the barriers facing the growing number of low-income single mothers in their community. Partnering with single mothers attending local community colleges, they identified safe and affordable housing, as well as education for both mom and child, as the most important tools for ending intergenerational poverty. Our downtown Minneapolis campus was built in 1998, followed by our St. Paul campus in 2007. With a 22-year history of inspiring post-secondary graduation rates and living-wage employment for single moms and brighter futures for their children, JP continues to play a critical role in disrupting the impacts of poverty in all communities where we operate, bolstering equity so all families can build well-being and achieve economic prosperity.


Core Responsibilities

Designs and maintains a comprehensive knowledge database that can be used by campus level and organization wide staff. Conducts in-depth research on the interventions that enhance early childhood learning and school readiness, partners that can support children ages 0-5 and grades K-12, as well as and the tools that can improve the work of student programming staff across JP.

Supports national Student Programming team with project management, operation, and communication functions, as well as in-depth research, internal/external data gathering, and data analysis and presentation. Handles logistical support for scheduling and implementation of new initiatives and events, including the creation of clear communication plans and post-implementation analysis.

Key Responsibilities

Program Management and Operations

  • Help design and implement comprehensive onboarding materials for new teachers and center leaders across JP campuses, as well as participating in orientation/information sessions for new staff, volunteers, and partners.
  • Assists in coordination of professional development and bi-monthly training opportunities for teachers/center leaders.
  • Creates and manages project plans for new program initiatives for both residential and non-residential campuses.

Program Support

  • Supports the operations of the CST Student Programming Team in communication, events, and initiatives with regard towards high quality customer service to build strong and effective relationships with participants, campus teams, CST departments, and community partners.
  • Administers feedback loops about Student Programming communication, events, and initiatives with various stakeholders such as parents, teachers, and center leaders, as well as across other CST departments and campus teams for continual improvement of Student Programming
  • Explores new partnerships and program options to support quality education and enhanced support for children from early childhood through high school (ages 0-18 years).
  • Manages scheduling for Vice President of Student Programming.
  • Coordinates logistics and travel arrangements for Jeremiah campus visits and external partnerships/collaboration.

Research, Analysis, and Progress Management

  • Performs high quality research and analysis of other non-profit organizations, government agencies, and foundation supports that would support the delivery of high-quality programming to JP children both nationally and
  • Explores new partnerships and program options to support quality education and enhanced support for children from early childhood through high school (ages 0-18 years).
  • Help design, maintain a real-time database for alignment in outcome reporting across all regions.
  • Develop an understanding of best practices and trends in the fields of early childhood education, school readiness, parenting, trauma, race dynamics, equity, and shame research so JP can be a thought leader in these fields and in the 2Gen space.
  • Manages and inputs Student Parent Programming data in a timely and accurate manner to serve as role model for campuses and other CST
  • Analyzes CST and campus center data to drive towards better alignment and outcomes in the realm of academic rigor/school readiness, curriculum and assessment, professional development, and parent engagement.
  • Communicates and coordinates with campus teams about needed actions for organization wide data
  • Coordinate ongoing assessment and improvement of processes, as

Key Professional Experience/Qualifications  

  •  BA/BS Degree in education, human services, social work, or closely related field, with 2+ years’ experience or AS/AA Degree in above listed or closely related field, with 4+ years’ experience.
  • Solid understanding of the benefits and challenges of early childhood and social services program
  • Excellent culturally competent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to build productive collaborations with internal and external stakeholders in person and
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications and an ability to learn new technologies that enable effectiveness in the
  • Highly organized with excellent follow through and ability to meet deadlines in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Understanding of the structural inequities that lead to generational poverty and passion for the Jeremiah Program mission and
  • A development orientation and track record of seeking professional
  • Solutions-focused and resourceful approach to overcoming challenges



Jeremiah Program is committed to the recruitment, selection, development, and promotion of employees based on individual merit. Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunity to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.

We offer competitive compensation including employer-paid health and dental, life and disability insurance, and generous time off.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online. Please upload a current resume and thoughtful cover letter articulating your interest and fit for the role, including compensation requirements.