Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jay

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jay

Our next honoree in our Volunteer Spotlight Series is Jedediah “Jay” Baker. Jay is the President & Founder of Conduits of Change, a nonprofit organization that supports families to become self-sufficient and provides them with the necessary tools to navigate the waters of life. Jay has been our star when it comes to helping out with our community events. From supplying backpacks and school supplies for our Back to School Bash, to providing and serving meals around the holidays, Jay has gone above and beyond for our Jeremiah families.

How did you hear about Jeremiah Program?
A friend of mine, Ebonie, told me about Jeremiah Program. Our organization was looking for another place to bless those in need with backpacks and school supplies, for our annual Back-2-School Drive. So she called her friend and gave my number to the person in charge of that specific area. I got a call and we went from there.

How long have you been volunteering at Jeremiah Program?
Since 2017, so this is my second year.

What do you love most about volunteering at Jeremiah Program?
Being a part of bringing some joy into the lives of the moms and their children. I truly enjoy playing with the kiddos and seeing the hard work paying off that the moms put in.

Please share a favorite memory/funny story while volunteering.
At the Ice Cream Social, I really had a chance to interact with the families. Since I’m a jokester, I was really advertising the ice cream I was serving. And the moms and kiddos laughed at me all evening. Then some of the kiddos broke out in a dance contest! It was an awesome time!!

Please share a fun fact about you:

  1. I am a jokester and the life of the party!
  2. I went to the Grand Canyon in 2009, and can’t wait to get back there!
  3. I want to hike the Camino De Santiago

Thank you, Jay, for bringing so much joy to our Jeremiah families!

Jeremiah Program Austin Launches Partnership with Child Inc, Support from Luci Baines Johnson

Ms. Johnson during her keynote address.

Jeremiah Program Austin and Child Inc have entered into a partnership to expand services at Jeremiah’s Child Development Center.
The partnership has allowed Jeremiah to open a classroom for toddlers aged 18-24 months and was initiated by a substantial gift from Luci Baines Johnson.

The partnership is aligned with Child Inc’s goal of establishing innovative collaborations with existing nonprofits to leverage Early Head Start resources, training and standards as well as to create additional access for quality early childhood development.

Ms. Johnson made her gift to honor the legacy of her father, President Johnson and his establishment of the national Head Start program in 1965. In celebration of Head Start Awareness Month and to launch the toddler classroom, the organizations hosted an Open House on October 12 at Jeremiah’s campus at 1200 Paul Teresa Saldana Street, and Ms. Johnson gave a brief keynote address and read to the children in the new classroom.

Shannon Moody, Jeremiah Program Austin Executive Director, Luci Baines Johnson, and Albert Black, Executive Director Child Inc.