Victoria’s Story: Worth Fighting For

Victoria’s Story: Worth Fighting For

Family, faith and determination: these three tenets have defined Victoria’s journey. A single mom to her son, Dominic, she describes Jeremiah as the catalyst for transforming her life.

“Looking back I never thought I could be where I am today,” Victoria said. “Jeremiah changed that. Everything that’s hard is worth fighting for. Before coming to Jeremiah, I was homeless, sleeping on floors, and taking buses in the rain with my baby. I fought my way here. I knew it was where I was supposed to be.”

Thriving at Jeremiah

During her two and a half years at Jeremiah, Dominic has thrived in the Early Childhood Education Center, moving from infant to toddler and now to the young preschool room. Victoria credits the center teachers for challenging Dominic and readying him for kindergarten and beyond.

Victoria’s family has always supported her, especially her grandmother and brother. Her brother spoke about Victoria at her recent graduation from Jeremiah, giving her credit for the hard work she has put in toward her Dental Office Support Certificate and the perseverance it takes to create a different life for her and Dominic.

Faith and family

Faith has carried Victoria through difficult times, helped create lasting bonds with other Jeremiah moms and even helps her co-parent with Dominic’s father and step-mother.

“It’s all for our son,” she said. “We want to be better as a family for Dominic.”

Victoria has many aspirations for the future, including going back to school, perhaps for her teaching license.

“My heart has always been with kids,” she says. “Doors are opening for me to work in a school.”

Victoria is strong, resilient and surrounded by an incredible support system of family, friends, Jeremiah staff and fellow residents. She has big goals, the foundation and tools to get her there and the hope and perseverance to carry her and Dominic forward.