Volunteer Highlight: Grandpa Bob!

Volunteer Highlight: Grandpa Bob!

Grandpa Bob is a passionate and dedicated volunteer here at Jeremiah Program with an inspiring story. He has been volunteering with kids for 25 years and spends four days a week in the Child Development Center at the Jeremiah Minneapolis campus.

A little bit about Grandpa Bob…

Grandpa Bob grew up in New Orleans. He was cared for primarily by his mother and didn’t see much of his father. When he was 15 years old he joined the military for three years, and then after the military, he worked a few jobs as an over the road driver, roofer and carpenter for 12 years. He eventually moved to Rochester, Minnesota to take care of his mother who got sick after recently moving there. Grandpa Bob worked as a janitor at the University of Minnesota for seven years. After working as a janitor, he found a job as an ADT installer. He ended up getting hurt on the job and could no longer work. Soon after that, Grandpa Bob found his passion for volunteering. He started volunteering at Lutheran Social Services and stayed there for 15 years until he found Jeremiah Program.

Grandpa Bob’s experience at Jeremiah Program…

Grandpa Bob has been volunteering with kids for 25 years! When asked why he continues to volunteer despite his age and health challenges he has faced, he exclaimed “I like kids! I like doing it… I don’t always feel good when I get up in the morning, but when I get up and go I get here and I feel good!” Grandpa Bob enjoys talking with the kids, doing puzzles with them, playing games and going outside with the kids. He has also helped some of the kids learn to read and serves them lunch every day. The kids absolutely love having Grandpa Bob around and the parents say they hear so many positive things about Grandpa Bob from their children.

Volunteers like Grandpa Bob have a drastic and lasting impact at Jeremiah Program. His optimistic attitude and lightheartedness create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Grandpa Bob truly brings a smile to every face he meets. Thank you so much, Grandpa Bob, for all you do here at Jeremiah!