Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Mette

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Mette

This month we are kicking off our Volunteer Spotlight series, to honor our volunteers who give so much of their time and talent to Jeremiah Program. Our first profile is on Mette Lundsgaard, Jeremiah Program Volunteer Extraordinaire.


Mette Lundsgaard, Jeremiah Program Austin, Volunteer

How did you hear about Jeremiah Program?
My sister, who lives in Minneapolis, was familiar with the program and recommended I look into the Austin efforts.


How long have you been volunteering at Jeremiah Program?
Started fall of 2015, three years!


What do you love most about volunteering at Jeremiah Program? 
The program itself – the focus on education for both moms and kids.


Please share a favorite memory/funny story while volunteering. 
My favorite memory is August 2017, super-hot days, moms coming in about 5:30 worn out from work, school, bus riding, all of the above – and then the joy on their faces when they pick up their child.


Please share a fun fact about you!
Travel, travel, travel.  I have been to 63 countries – and planning a few more in 2019!


Thank you so much, Mette, for all that you do to help Jeremiah Program families. Stay tuned to see our next Volunteer Spotlight, and please visit https://jeremiahprogra.wpengine.com/austin/volunteer/ if you’re interested in becoming a Jeremiah volunteer.