Why Supportive Housing Matters

Why Supportive Housing Matters

Jeremiah Program is aiming to change the trajectory of single-mother families in the twin cities by providing five key program pillars designed to help families transform themselves from poverty to prosperity, two generations at a time. In our recent mailing you learned more about empowerment, Jeremiah’s 16-week pre-admissions course taken by single mothers. In this article we will highlight another pillar – safe and affordable housing.

One in four Minnesota households currently pay more than they can afford for housing, often forgoing other essentials like food or medicine in order to pay for housing costs. Homelessness is hard to track and often looks like couch hopping or staying with family members. Many of Minnesota’s homeless are children, who struggle with a myriad of issues related to homelessness: truancy, illness, increased exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences and more.

Many, though not all, Jeremiah families come from unreliable or unsafe housing situations. A few families come from shelters or have experienced long-term homelessness. All of the families at Jeremiah are living below the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and regardless of their income, Jeremiah families only pay 30% of their income for rent on the Minneapolis and St. Paul Jeremiah campuses. This allows families the ability to afford food, clothing, daycare, books for school, and other necessities.

In conjunction with Jeremiah’s other pillars of support, providing housing to our families means they don’t need to worry about a safe place for their child to grow up or how to pay for their apartment. Moms can focus on their education and spending quality time with their children, and Jeremiah children, in turn, can have the childhoods they deserve.

You can help support safe and affordable housing for Jeremiah families. Please visit jeremiahprogra.wpengine.com/givemsp and make your gift today.