Proud, determined and hardworking, the women of Jeremiah Program dream of self-reliance and a life beyond poverty. They have the energy and the drive to create a brighter future, but have previously lacked the support necessary to change their lives.

If you are interested in working toward a better life for yourself and your children, we invite you to explore how Jeremiah Program can help you realize your potential, beginning with empowerment and life skills training.

Program Criteria

  • Low-income single mother
  • At least 18 years old
  • Brooklyn resident for 18 months
  • High school graduate or currently working on GED certificate
  • Motivated to enroll in post-secondary or accredited training program
  • At least one child five or younger

Program Benefits

  • Supportive community of peers working towards self-reliance
  • Empowerment and life skills education
  • Individual coaching to support you as you set and meet your goals
  • Access to professionals who can help you develop your skills and provide networking and job-shadowing opportunities
  • Access to mentors and tutors as needed
  • Volunteer childcare during Jeremiah Program activities


Begin the application process with the form below. This online application is free and will be submitted for consideration immediately.

Program Application

Applicant Demographics

Participants of Jeremiah Program work toward self-reliance, stability and prosperity. We invite you to explore how Jeremiah Program can support you realize your potential for yourself and your family.
Program Benefits

  • A supportive community of peers working toward self-reliance
  • Empowerment training and life skills education
  • An Early childhood development center
  • Individualized coaching to support you in setting and meeting goals
  • Access to professionals who can help you develop your skills and networks for employments
  • Childcare during Jeremiah Program Activities
Are you 18 years of age or older? *
Are you at or below 30% Area Median Income (AMI)? *
Do you have a high school diploma or GED? *
Do you have the ability to work and attend an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States? *
Do you intend to enroll in a post-secondary educational program? *
Do you have at least 50% custody of your child(ren) or are currently pregnant? *
At the time of application, is at least one child 4 and under? Additional child(ren) should not exceed the age of 7 in residential campuses (Minneapolis – St. Paul, Rochester, Fargo-Moorhead, and Austin) *