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A Mother’s Look into the Future: Not Just Surviving but Thriving

JP Alumni Fellow Ifrah Abdalla has been working since childhood — and her daughter’s happiness is her ultimate goal.

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Why Focus on Single Moms?

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord explains why we center single mothers and their families in our work.

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Inflation: Let’s Do the Long Math

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord says economic mobility doesn’t work without childcare, without childcare teachers, without an equitable childcare system.

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Solving Our Big Problems Together

JP Alumni Fellow Ashley Mages is not going to stop speaking up in the name of necessary change for women, especially moms pursuing education.

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The Small Successes Create the Path to Our Dreams

JP Alumni Fellow Stacy Abbott talks celebrating wins, mom-friendly work policies, and building the life she wants.

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Shame and Economic Mobility Are Connected

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord breaks down the long-term impact of typical cultural narratives about single moms.

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My JP Community Experience

From bonding with other JP moms to connecting with staff, Miranda R. has experienced the supportive community that JP co-creates with moms.

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Meet New JP Austin Executive Director Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia, Ph.D.

Dr. Gonzales-Dholakia, the new executive director of JP Austin, reveals her affinity for and connection with JP moms in this inviting conversation.

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Meet New JP Fargo-Moorhead Executive Director Laetitia Mizero Hellerud

Laetitia Mizero Hellerud, the new Executive Director of JP Fargo-Moorhead, shares her experience as a single mom and her vision for JP’s future.

De Rose playing with her son, Jack
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I’m a Single Mom: Changing the Stigma

This JP Fargo-Moorhead mom is using her voice to uplift other single mothers—and encouraging single moms to work together for necessary systemic change.


JP Virtual Alumni Summit 2022: More Than Enough

The second annual JP Alumni Summit was all about JP moms’ individual and collective power. This is the movement.

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JP Moms Write the Next Act

Expanded Empowerment and Leadership curriculum celebrates agency, identity, and the story of self.

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Meet JP Alumni Fellow Anita F.

Anita is special education teacher and a mother of three who graduated from Jeremiah Program’s Minneapolis campus in 2012.

Christine Smith
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Meet JP Alumni Fellow Christine Smith

Christine Smith is a 2006 graduate of Jeremiah Program’s Minneapolis campus. A mother of two, she serves as the Health Equity and Tribal Grants Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Meet JP Alumni Fellow Angelina Kery

A graduate of Jeremiah Program’s Boston campus, Angelina Kery works as a legal assistant for a civil litigation law firm. Now a JP Fellow, she discusses her hopes for the program.

Brittany Block
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Meet JP Alumni Fellow Brittany Block

Brittany Block, a 2014 graduate of Jeremiah Program’s St. Paul Campus and a mother of one son, discusses becoming a member of the first cohort of JP Fellows and opening her own business.

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Education, Understanding, Knowledge

Nailah Abdul-Mubdi talks about how JP’s empowerment program ignited her motivation to pursue her education and make a difference in the lives of others.


Affirming Identity Through Curriculum

Hear JP’s VP of Student Programming, Dr. Crystal Palmero Ward, and Kaya Henderson, CEO of Reconstruction US, as they discuss “Affirming Identity: Building Curriculum, Fostering Healthy, Self-Affirming Identities and Centering Black Culture.”

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I’m No Longer Alone

JP mom Kylie discusses her experience with JP Fargo-Moorhead and her optimism for her family’s future.

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Keeping Families Resourced During the Pandemic

Karina Van Meekeren is the family program development and admissions manager for Jeremiah Program’s Rochester campus in Southeast Minnesota.

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A Campus Leader Reflects on the Impact of Covid-19

JoMarie Morris is the executive director of Jeremiah Program’s Rochester-Southeast Minnesota campus, Jeremiah Program’s newest campus.


#SHECESSION: Policy, Poverty and the Single Mom

Hear this important discussion between JP’s Chastity Lord and Nicole Mason of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Both are CEOs and Black women who were raised by single mothers. Both are also deeply familiar with the impacts of generational poverty.

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Chastity Lord: We Can and Must Do More

It’s vital that we ensure that JP’s goals and strategies are aligned with the women and communities that we serve.

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Mothers Owning Their Power, Authoring Their Futures

The five pillars of Jeremiah Program offer the supports single mothers need to disrupt the cycle of poverty for themselves and their children.

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We Can Come Out Stronger

Three weeks into lockdown, JP mom Isabella discusses how the early stages of pandemic have affected her and her daughter.


Conscious Conversations: Sharhonda Bossier

A discussion about activism on and off the street with Sharhonda Bossier, Deputy Director at Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC).


Conscious Conversations: Dax-Devlon Ross

Jeremiah Program hosts Dax Devlon-Ross for a discussion of his LinkedIn op-ed that gained viral attention and helped open up a deeper discussion of racial bias in the workplace.

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We Are Doing More

The promises Jeremiah Program made to support our moms during the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t simply promises — they were commitments. Here’s how we’re doing.

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I Thought I Had No Other Options

JP mom Isabella discusses the impact the program has had on her life.

Amy Klein
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Pandemic Impact: A Family Services Perspective

A Family Services Manager shares her perspective on the pandemic’s impact.

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I’ve Been Through Worse

JP mom Alyssa talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her family.

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Lifting Each Other Up

Austin mom Alyssa discusses how JP has influenced her children, her stability and her confidence.

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Chastity Lord: Jeremiah Program Is No Stranger to Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to harness the creativity and innovation that drive our community.

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