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In our first official year of operations, JP Baltimore made incredible strides in 2022. Our first JP Baltimore Executive Director, Danielle Staton, hit the ground running to build upon the initial groundwork to engage more deeply and broadly with community leaders, partners, and families.

Through initial referral partnerships with Baltimore community organizations, such as Judy Center and St. Vincent de Paul Head Start, 32 Baltimore moms and kids enrolled in our programming, and 44 additional moms are signed up to participate in our spring 2023 Empowerment & Leadership (E&L) course. In E&L, they will have the opportunity to join the movement of amazing JP Baltimore women and families.

Baltimore Open House

October 25, 2023 | 12:00 pM ET

Join us as we gather to celebrate one year of Jeremiah Program in Baltimore and an open house for our new space! Celebrate with food and conversation with JP President and CEO Chastity Lord, JP Baltimore Executive Director Danielle Staton, and community members.

69 LIVES were IMPACTED in our first-ever JP Baltimore cohort in 2022.

“It’s truly been an honor to be in the company and community of strong women and mothers.”

JP Baltimore mom

44 NEW MOMS were recruited for our spring 2023 Empowerment & Leadership course in 2022.

Last year, 45 HOURS of coaching was provided to moms for college persistence and family stability support.

Become a JP Mom and become a part of a network of mothers in Baltimore creating a better future for themselves and their children.

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The impacts of generational poverty and systemic racism can be disrupted two generations at a time by investing both in a mother’s vision for her future and the education of her children.

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JP Baltimore Impact Report


Jessie Elston, Family Services Director

Danielle Staton, Executive Director

Julie Scott, Family Coach

Dr. Nicole Watford, Family Coach


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