april 2024

Empowerment & Leadership Report

E&L is a 12-week course during which moms gain new skills and build a powerful community of other single moms from across the country. This report examines participants’ experiences and investigates shame, bias, and sense of belonging as contributing factors to generational poverty.

march 2024

National Impact Report

2023 may have been a milestone year for Jeremiah Program, celebrating our 25th anniversary, but it was also a year of firsts. We held our first in-person summit in Austin, TX and we launched a new Early Childhood Education (ECE) Fellowship for JP teachers.

November 2023

Annual Report Magazine

Learn how program alumni are shaping their communities and how their children, former JP kids, are doing as young adults. Find out how alumni are mentoring current JP moms. Imagine what can happen in a generation — and imagine what can happen in the next 25 years.


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