Empowerment & Leadership Report

Empowerment & Leadership Report

april 2024

Empowerment & Leadership: Laying the Groundwork for Disrupting Generational Poverty by Exploring Themes of Shame, Bias and a Sense of Belonging

Jeremiah Program’s first report examines the experiences of participants in Empowerment and Leadership (E&L), JP’s 12-week, introductory course, and investigates shame, bias, and sense of belonging as contributing factors to generational poverty.

Key findings include:

  • Upon completion of E&L, moms feel a greater sense of pride in being a single mom, a greater sense of belonging , greater control over their future, and better equipped to set boundaries for themselves.
  • Shame is a recurrent element in the lives of single moms experiencing poverty.
  • E&L fosters a supportive sisterhood by offering moms the opportunity to engage with women around the country who have gone through similar experiences.

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