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Facts About Generational Poverty

Generational poverty is defined as at least two generations of a family being born into poverty. These conditions severely limit a family’s ability to reach economic mobility and pursue their dreams. That’s why JP is focused on creating opportunities for single mothers and their children.


of single mothers and their children live below the poverty line 1

1 in 3

people who experienced poverty as a child will continue to live in poverty as an adult 2


of single mothers without a college degree experience poverty 3


JP By the Numbers

Jeremiah Program believes that the pervasive and systemic impacts of poverty can be disrupted. We’re committed to dismantling systemic barriers to education, housing, and child care for single mothers and their children, helping them reach economic mobility.

engaged in JP’s full suite of two-generation programming support.

Mother and child seated, smiling, outdoors

completed JP’s introductory, three-month Empowerment and Leadership program.

reported that JP coaching is helping them progress toward their educational goals.


Moms and Children Served

We believe that no mother should have to make the untenable choice between investing in herself and her children. Our holistic approach allows families to dream what is possible when they are able to bring all of their identities to bear in pursuit of their goals. 

includes families participating in JP’s full two-generation programming and moms who completed the E&L program

Jeremiah Program was founded in 1993 by Michael J. O’Connell, in partnership with city and community leaders in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first JP campus opened and began serving families in 1998.

Today, JP operates in nine cities around the country and is a national thought leader on generational poverty.


Family Experience Survey

JP is committed to transparency and improvement from the inside out. Our Family Experience Survey offers proof points we rely on to guide our program design and public policy goals. The lines of communication between moms, alumni, and staff are critical to our data-driven approach.

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