Core Pillars


Our Core Pillars

JP’s five core pillars are anchored by personalized coaching to form a holistic, two-generational model.

We believe that no mother should have to make the untenable choice between investing in herself and her children. Our holistic approach allows families to dream what is possible when they are able to bring all of their identities to bear in pursuit of their goals.

Support for Career-Track, College Education

Helping moms access and succeed in a degree program is a central focus at JP. It’s also an opportunity to engage in long-term planning and personal development that gives moms the tools and agency to author their own lives.

When women enter JP, they meet with a family coach who works with them to set educational goals and choose a career-track path. Mothers meet with their coaches at least twice per month to problem-solve and remain on track to meet their college and career goals. Individualized coaching increases college retention, career readiness, and long-term economic prosperity.

Quality Early Childhood Education

We provide quality education for children ages birth to five in our on-site Child Development Centers (CDCs) in Austin, Fargo, Minneapolis, Rochester and St. Paul. Through our off-campus models in Boston, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Baltimore, we connect families to quality early childhood programs in their communities.

JP coaches support moms to become advocates and partners in their children’s educational experiences.

Access to Safe & Affordable Housing

Housing is a core lever that enables JP mothers and their young children to grow as families, succeed as students, and prepare for a career. We offer young mothers and their children safe and affordable housing in our five residential campuses (Austin, Fargo, Minneapolis, Rochester, and St. Paul).

Resident families pay no more than 30 percent of their income for rent, a significant factor in making it possible to complete post-secondary education. In our off-campus models in Boston, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Baltimore, we work with community partners to ensure that each family has safe housing in place.

Empowerment & Leadership Training

Based on the premise that our moms are the experts of their lives and their families, empowerment training is a three-month course that is an admissions requirement for our program. Empowerment moves moms from gratitude to agency, providing permission for them to repurpose their power, resiliency and tenacity in service of their families and community. Once enrolled in the program, mothers regularly participate in workshops to build capacity in career exploration, financial literacy, positive parenting, healthy living and more.

Supportive Community

The supportive community begins with the JP sisterhood; by taking this journey together, women normalize, recognize and get comfortable with their power, agency and resiliency—things that have often been missing from their personal narratives. Coaches work one-on-one with moms, offering support and advice to realize their vision for themselves and their families.

These networks and cooperative relationships developed at JP assure moms that they are not alone in addressing their struggles or in celebrating their triumphs.


Commitment to Social Justice

JP supports 100% women, 100% single moms experiencing poverty, and 100% parents in pursuit of a college degree with 80% of those parents identifying as Black, Latinx and Indigenous. Higher education is not the solution for inequity in our country, but it remains the greatest lever of economic mobility.

Uncovering the Root

Generational poverty is a social justice issue, not an economic one. JP’s programming interrogates the roots of the racial and systemic inequalities impacting economic mobility and college entry for student parents, while also providing the support to help families complete college.

Refocusing the Conversation

Single moms experiencing poverty are, in fact, great moms. JP aims to disrupt entrenched stigmas about single mothers with new narratives. We do this by redistributing and building power by centering the voices and experiences of single moms. By changing the narrator, we change the narrative.

Expanding the Leadership Circle

Moms are experts of their lives. They are uniquely positioned to author solutions to the systemic and structural inequities that are woven through their realities as women experiencing poverty by leveraging movement-building frameworks that shift the power and policies impacting economic mobility.

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