Become a JP Mom

You’re already a great mom.
become a jp mom too.

“The Jeremiah Program helped me understand that I’m not only a mom; I am many other things. I now understand that there’s more to me than what I do and that I should value myself first and love myself first to be able to give that to anyone else, including my child.”

Victoria, Boston mom

Jeremiah Program Journey

You’re already a great mom and a powerful leader. As a JP mom, you’ll have the support to unlock your innate strengths, write your story of self, and pursue your college, career, leadership and invest in your children.

Empowerment & Leadership

Coaching and Early Childhood Programming Begins (12 Weeks)


Set concrete goals for your education and career, financial health, kids and family, and personal wellness. (1-3 weeks)


Work with a coach to create a plan for how you can meet your educational and personal goals. (4-12 weeks)


Engage in personalized coaching as you attend college. (Year 1)


Continue coaching and explore career and financial wealth-building opportunities. (Year 2)


Set up your long-term vision for yourself and your family. (Year 3)

The Next chapter

Join thousands of JP alumni as part of a national sisterhood. Stay connected through workshops, networking events and programming for alumni.

Five Pillars of Disrupting Poverty

  • Career-track College Education for JP Moms
  • Quality Early Childhood Education for JP Kids
  • Safe and Affordable Housing
  • Empowerment, Life Skills and Family Coaching
  • Supportive Community

“There were a lot of things in my past that I felt overwhelmed by. Now, I feel more in control of my immediate surroundings and my potential and achieving that potential.”

Alyssa, Austin mom

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