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Jeremiah Program expanded for the first time in 2007, when we built our St. Paul campus in the Summit-University neighborhood—what was the historically Black and thriving Rondo neighborhood before systemic racism led to the demolition of much of the neighborhood and displacement of more than 500 families to make way for I-94 in the late 1950s. The St. Paul campus has an onsite child development center and can serve up to 68 children. In 2021, our St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses served the highest number of families in our history.

493 lives were impacted last year, a 28% increase over 2020.


“I feel like I got this gift of time with my son when he’s at this incredibly precious age. But I also got the space to work on myself and really dig in and do some hard work as far as addressing some of the trauma that I had carried with me that had been passed down for generations. Jeremiah Program, and the tools that I got from there, gave me the time and the space to work through some of that stuff, but still be fully present for my son.”

Brittany, St. Paul alum

In 2021, 47 JP kids benefited from HIGH-QUALITY summer enrichment programs and educational development.

56 JP kids benefited from HIGH-QUALITY childhood
development resources and supplemental tutoring.

Become a JP Mom and become a part of a network of mothers in St. Paul creating a better future for themselves and their children. 

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The impacts of generational poverty and systemic racism can be disrupted two generations at a time by investing both in a mother’s vision for her future and the education of her children.

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JP St. Paul Impact Report

St Paul

Karla Benson Rutten, Executive Director

Chris Bernard, Family Services Director

Lisa Freitag, Family Coach

Ciara Graham, Family Coach

Renae Jones, CDC Teacher

Joanne Kaufman, Director of Development*

Mikaela Keegan Kaus, CDC Teacher

Natasha Johnson-Mills, Operations Manager

Denita Ngwu, Family Coach

Kimberly Peter, CDC Teacher

De’Avery Priest, CDC Teacher

Corey Stewart, CDC Director

Denise Taylor, CDC Teacher

*Shared role across both Minneapolis and St. Paul Campus


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