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Career Volunteer Mentor Program

What is the Career Volunteer Mentor Program?

The Career Volunteer Mentor Program (CVMP) is a 6-week virtual experience that pairs JP moms with career professionals. Together, each pair will complete four 1:1 engagements using our CVMP curriculum. This program promotes cross-cultural learning and increases economic connectedness.

Who can participate in CVMP?

This program is open to JP moms (both current and alumni) and career professionals who are passionate about helping single mothers. CVMP occurs multiple times throughout the year. Both Career Volunteer Mentors (CVMs) and JP moms can participate as many times as desired.

Why does JP offer CVMP?

JP moms are already strong leaders and expert problem-solvers; we’re working to dismantle the systemic barriers and public narratives that keep hiring managers from seeing those truths. CVMP will empower both JP moms and experienced career professionals to write new narratives.

What are the benefits of CVMP?

Participants of CVMP not only increase their economic connectedness and expand their professional networks but also gain valuable insight and knowledge.

Empowerment for JP Moms

By participating in CVMP, JP moms will learn how to own and leverage their experiences to create powerful career profiles via LinkedIn; translate their experiences into transferable, concrete competencies and skill sets; and benefit from the insight, advice, and support of their Career Volunteer Mentor.

Empowerment for Career Volunteer Mentors (CVMs)

By participating in CVMP, CVMs will deepen their understanding of the systemic challenges that impede economic mobility for single mothers, receive trauma-informed mentorship training, and experience the success of coaching and supporting emerging professionals.

NOTE: Our next CVMP cycle will begin in June 2024. Stay tuned for more information or contact the CVMP team.

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