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The Jeremiah Program 

As a great mom, you’re committed to giving your children the best life possible. But it can feel like that leaves no room for you to pursue your own goals. JP believes no mother should have to choose between investing in herself and her children. Through our holistic two-generation approach, you’ll have the support to complete a college degree, chart your career path, and invest in your children’s education and social-emotional development. 

If you are a single mom with at least one young child and are ready to start or go back to college, join the JP sisterhood and transform your families’ future. 

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JP Mom Journey  

JP supports single mothers in investing simultaneously in their personal and professional goals and the education of their children, reauthoring their family’s outcomes and acting as change agents within their communities. Learn more about the journey and program benefits here.


Gain new skills and build a powerful community of other single moms from across the country in this 12-week course.


Set goals for your education, career, finances, and family. Enroll in or get help completing college with your JP coach. 


With personalized coaching, create a plan to reach your goals and receive job search support as you attend college.


Join thousands of JP alumni as part of a national sisterhood, supporting each other on the path to economic mobility.

Stacy Abbott | Brooklyn | GRADUATED 2020

Stacy Abbott, an entrepreneur and JP Alumni Fellow, says JP found her in the early stages of motherhood and served as a “security blanket” when she needed it. Empowerment and Leadership in particular helped provide what she felt was a necessary mental reset. Her oldest child was also a JP kid, and Stacy is so grateful that her daughter got to see her graduate and witness her transition throughout their time in the program. Today, Stacy remains a vocal, active member of the JP community. 


Jeremiah Program’s two-generation approach meant the world to Angelina Perez — not only because of the care for both mother and child but also because the college and career support for moms will influence and affect children by default, as their mothers set the example. The Empowerment and Leadership course helped Angelina transform her challenges into action to pursue her goals, and JP as a whole connected her with resources that she didn’t know existed. The inaugural JP Alumni Fellow is proud that she and her family are part of the JP family.


Ashley Breding is the definition of becoming your own hero. The registered nurse and JP Alumni Fellow survived lifelong illness and traumas to become the strongest version of herself so that she could break that multigenerational cycle with her own child. She says JP was a safe, supportive space for her to do so much of that work, and she is proud to pour that healing and strength into her patients. As a nurse in a treatment center for people with eating disorders, she dedicates herself to being who she needed when she was younger — for both herself and for those who depend on her. 

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Jeremiah Program alum Nekey Oliver reflects on her JP journey — from her time as a JP mom to advocating for moms as a community board member.

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JP Moms Have a Common Goal: A Better Life

JP Las Vegas mom Alexis Brennan describes the tight community of her college campus and the support she feels from Jeremiah Program.

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Life, Love, and Community: One Family’s JP Journey

Inaugural JP Alumni Fellow Christine Smith recently sat down with her now-adult son, Benard, to discuss their JP experiences and how their past has shaped their present. They even learned some new things about each other.

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