JP Families: Embracing New Beginnings With Courage and Confidence

Jeremiah Program President and CEO Chastity Lord considers learning to cross the street as a metaphor for JP families entering new phases of life and learning.

Our son is entering a new phase that involves an emerging desire to flex his independence. He’s itching to walk — or even ride — to school alone, eager to demonstrate his ability to navigate the risks of crossing the street. Like most transitions, it’s a tad anxiety-provoking for some (me), albeit intoxicatingly affirming for him.

One recent morning, as I trailed a few blocks behind him, granting him his freedom while secretly ensuring he followed all the safety protocols we’ve drilled into him, I found myself wondering when I learned to cross the street.

Crossing the street isn’t just about avoiding traffic; it’s a metaphor for navigating life’s uncertainties. It’s about stopping to assess the situation from all angles and deciding to move forward. It’s a skill we refine over time, but the fundamentals remain the same: pause, be aware, and seek to be acknowledged as you move forward.

Like my son, many of our JP moms and their kids are entering new phases as they approach their college and preschool graduations or complete the 12-week Empowerment & Leadership course to begin their JP journeys.

As we enter spring, may we all be reminded that the streets we are crossing aren’t just a means of progression but also the path home — an opportunity to pause, to be aware, and to be acknowledged as we move forward.

Chastity Lord is the President and CEO of Jeremiah Program.

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