Conscious Conversations: Sharhonda Bossier

A discussion about activism on and off the street with Sharhonda Bossier, Deputy Director at Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC).

Jeremiah Program hosted a conversation with Sharhonda Bossier discussing her journey from young hopeful in south-central LA to a social justice leader in education.

Bossier is the Deputy Director at Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC). In her current role, Sharhonda focuses on identifying, equipping, elevating and sustaining talented Black and Latino leaders to thrive in the highest-level education roles and lead a more inclusive education reform movement.​ Sharhonda is an activist for communities of color and has been a leader in education reform.​

JP has had the privilege of working with her as a leader for our relational organizing curriculum and training as part of our JP Fellow and Alumni engagement.​

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