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JP Showed Me That My Voice Matters

Jessica Funderburk, one of the first Jeremiah Program Las Vegas moms, shares her experience of finding support, confidence, and family in JP.

Jessica Funderburk, one of the first JP Las Vegas moms, shared her story as part of the inaugural JP Las Vegas Voices Rising event in the fall of 2023. This is her story.

My name is Jessica Funderburk. My son’s name is Connor, and he’s 6 years old. And I’m from Vegas.

What do I see myself doing in five to 10 years after JP? I would like to be closer to my goal of the nonprofit organization called Ally for Hope is the name now. And it’s for the elderly and for the youth, and the youth will work with the elderly, get a sense of work. And the elderly will be able to lay their legacy out like they sometimes don’t get to because they have no family.

Some specific changes during my JP journey…After going through the Empowerment and Leadership, which was amazing by the way, I feel like I have a voice that matters. Every single part of Empowerment and Leadership, all of our mommy mingles, everything — I honestly can’t pick one moment that really stands out the most per se — but I know that I was not talkative, no confidence, and now, look at me go!

People should know that JP can give you hope in a place where it doesn’t seem like there is hope.

My kid is amazing, doing amazing. Him being a JP kid is going to be his strong suit for him. The tutoring has done him wonders. He tested in the top 96% of his class. I don’t want him to be affected by where we have come from but to see what we can … become because of that. He has the opportunity to thrive out there and not be a victim of our past, not just be a survivor either, but to thrive. I just want to give him the world.

What do I want people to know about JP aside from the amazing group of people? Very supportive, that we’re here to make changes. JP does things for not just our children but us, to make sure that we can survive through school, for kids and moms to become a part of a greater tomorrow. People should know that JP can give you hope in a place where it doesn’t seem like there is hope — a future, an actual future. That’s what people should know: that you can be in control of your future and have the support that you need, especially if you feel like you have no support. Family. Family feeling.

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

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