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Meet JP Baltimore Executive Director Danielle Staton

Danielle Staton, JP Baltimore’s inaugural executive director, helps lead a conversation on countering shame about single motherhood and building community.

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JP’s First In-Person Summit: Empowered Moms Are the Future

JP moms, alumni, staff, and community partners gathered in Austin, Texas, for a weekend of learning, sisterhood, and community-building.

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Does the Past Author the Future?

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord suggests that, after an aggressive few years, planning the future will mean revisiting the past.

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There Is Power in the Mundane

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord says the tedium in life — including the journey economic mobility — is necessary to get to the epic moments.


Meet New JP Las Vegas Executive Director Maria Tucker, Ph.D.

Dr. Maria Tucker, the first-ever leader of JP Las Vegas, helps lead a critical discussion about generational poverty and prioritizes relationships in the campus’s first community event.

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We Do Nothing Alone

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord reflects on the JP community’s belief that great moms and their children deserve the opportunity to thrive.

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Building Generational Wealth and Changing the Narrative on Single Moms

JP Alumni Fellow Lavasha Smith knows single moms are world-builders and looks forward to co-creating prosperity for future generations of her family.

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A Mother’s Look into the Future: Not Just Surviving but Thriving

JP Alumni Fellow Ifrah Abdalla has been working since childhood — and her daughter’s happiness is her ultimate goal.

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Why Focus on Single Moms?

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord explains why we center single mothers and their families in our work.


Inflation: Let’s Do the Long Math

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord says economic mobility doesn’t work without childcare, without childcare teachers, without an equitable childcare system.