There Is Power in the Mundane

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord says the tedium in life — including the journey economic mobility — is necessary to get to the epic moments.

We forget that epic moments in history have been fueled by mundane moments. Our society often celebrates the “movie trailer” parts of life but closes the curtain on the process of making the movie. The mundane is necessary. The mundane is beautiful.

Let’s honor the mundane: here’s to raising children, going back to school, caring for aging parents, and simply building a life of purpose.

Last year, over 1,000 JP moms and kids demonstrated the power in the mundane as they pursued economic mobility – moving as fast as they could but as slow as they must.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and celebrate the beauty that resides in the mundane. The mundane is extraordinary.

Our moms are not doing it alone, and neither is JP.

Chastity Lord is the President and CEO of Jeremiah Program.

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