Introducing the 2023-2024 Jeremiah Program Alumni Fellows

We are proud to introduce the members of the 2023-2024 Jeremiah Program Alumni Fellowship, a selective, 12-month, cohort-based leadership program.

Jeremiah Program is building an alumni network that champions the collective power of sisterhood that is anchored in the currency of being a great mom. We believe that JP alumni are best equipped to support programming that will keep current moms and alumni moms centered in the principles of disrupting generational poverty. And the JP Alumni Fellowship — a selective, 12-month, cohort-based leadership program — is central to this effort.

JP fellows are leaders who see being a great mom as their most important job.​ They are excited about the opportunity to be a part of a learning community as they navigate inflection points in their personal and professional lives.​ From a broader perspective, JP fellows care deeply about their communities and welcome the chance to advance solutions that support economic mobility, public policy, and two-generation programming for single mothers and their children experiencing poverty by exploring their leadership journey.​

We are proud to introduce the third cohort of JP Alumni Fellows.

meet the 2023-2024 jp alumni fellows

Portia Jackson, 2003

Current Position: Community Wealth Strategist

Fellowship Goal: Understand in detail how JP works and how it uplifts moms and supports families in different parts of the country

Chakita Lewis, 2014

Current Position: County Supervisor, Aging and Disability

Fellowship Goal: Gain community leadership skills, help communities bring ideas to fruition, and bring a public health lens to my work with the fellowship

Tiffany Meeks, 2001

Current Position: Associate Director, Executive MBA Programs

Fellowship Goal: Hone my personal and professional development, and apply my personal experience by getting deeply involved with the program

Tyesha Mitchell, 2015

Current Position: Community Liaison and Licensed Loan Signing Agent

Fellowship Goal: Gain expertise in policy and programming that affect single moms

Bianca Scott, 2020

Current Position: Project Manager

Fellowship Goal: Self-development, exposure to people who have been successful, and the opportunity to model success for others

Amanda Smith, 2009

Current Position: Lawyer

Fellowship Goal: Take on a leadership role, share my experience, and give and gain inspiration

Dana Smith, 2004

Current Position: Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Fellowship Goal: Career discovery and providing mentorship to current moms

Mary Claire Wente, 2012

Current Position: Human Resources Management

Fellowship Goal: Learn how Jeremiah Program responds to the changing needs of communities

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