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JP moms are already strong leaders and expert problem-solvers; we’re working to dismantle the systemic barriers and public narratives that keep hiring managers from seeing those truths. That’s why we’ve created the JP Career Volunteer Mentor Program (CVMP), which will empower both JP moms and experienced career professionals to write new narratives.

As the student-parent leaders in our program prepare to launch their careers, they will benefit from volunteer mentors’ insights, advice and support. Mentors will benefit too, expanding their professional networks and deepening their understanding of workforce trends and the challenges impacting a JP mom’s career journey.

Empowerment for Moms

We want to empower moms to own their stories and leverage their experiences to create powerful career profiles that translate those experiences into transferrable, concrete competencies and skill sets. By participating in the CVMP, they will join the JP LinkedIn community and work to create strong resumes and LinkedIn profiles that reflect their academic and professional journeys.

Empowerment for Volunteers

We want to empower career volunteer mentors to experience the success of coaching and supporting emerging professionals. They’ll do so by using their own career journeys and insights to help JP moms become more competitive for paid internships and full-time opportunities. In the process, volunteers will better understand the systemic challenges that impede economic mobility, particularly for single mothers.

If you are interested in sharing your experience with our moms and can commit a total of 10 hours over five weeks, sign up below to join the movement.

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JP Career Volunteer Mentor Program

The JP Career Volunteer Mentor Program is designed to connect career professionals and student-parent leaders — all single moms. Required commitment: Attend a 90-minute training and contribute a total of 10 hours over five weeks.

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