Give to Jeremiah

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Your financial support is critical and makes it possible for Jeremiah Program to help families break the cycle of poverty two generations at a time.

You can help women change the course of their lives, breaking their dependence on public assistance and bringing stability to their families for generations to come. Your contribution allows Jeremiah women and children the holistic support necessary to move from poverty to prosperity.

There are many ways your gift can support a family.

  • buys an empowerment workbook, providing the tools for a young woman to begin changing her life
  • buys school supplies for children or textbooks for a woman to pursue a career-track, college education
  • provides classroom learning materials to maintain the highest rating possible for our Child Development Centers
  • furnishes an apartment with beds or a dining table that help create a nurturing home
  • provides a scholarship for a child to attend our high-quality, top-rated Child Development Centers

These giving opportunities are examples and represent typical support needs for Jeremiah Program. All donations will be used to support what is most needed or to address a similar need. Gifts “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone special also can be made year-round. More information about gifts of stock or bonds is available here. For planned giving, click here. If interested in hosting a fundraiser, click here.

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