Staff Leadership

Alison Carter Marlow


Alison Carter Marlow is the Executive Director at Jeremiah Program’s Boston campus. She is a space maker and thought leader with a deep desire to see Black and brown women thrive. Alison actively coaches and mentors women who, while brilliant, harbor limiting beliefs. Prior to joining Jeremiah, she worked for more than 18 years in various capacities at Action for Boston Community Development, Inc., the largest community action program in New England, and served for over six years as Director of Programs and Operations at YouthBuild Boston, a vocational and service training non-profit in Roxbury. Alison earned her Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College and a graduate certificate in public administration from Suffolk University.

With more than two decades of experience in human services, Alison is excited to be at JP leading efforts to partner with moms in the pursuit of their gifts and dreams. This role provides tremendous opportunities to grow professionally and to grapple with her career-long questions about what truly builds assets in BIPOC communities.