Jeremiah Program Partners with Share Our Strength to Enhance Economic Mobility for Single Mothers and Their Children

Jeremiah Program Partners with Share Our Strength to Enhance Economic Mobility for Single Mothers and Their Children

Contact: Gillian Linden

Investment in Nonprofit Reinforces Need for New Narrative on Single Motherhood and Poverty
and Showcases Best Practices for Transformative Change

Bolstering its mission and successful strategies for helping single mothers and their children overcome the barriers that sustain generational poverty, Jeremiah Program (JP) today announced a significant investment from Share Our Strength, the organization behind the award-winning No Kid Hungry campaign. JP is proud to be part of a group receiving $6.7 million in funds from Share Our Strength across 12 states to help families, particularly single mothers with lower incomes and their children, achieve financial security.

Share Our Strength selected partners who are working on high-impact and holistic solutions, including leadership and job training, transitional employment, academic support, child care assistance, and access to tax benefits like the Child Tax Credit and a root-cause policy agenda. One of the main goals is to promote best practices by organizations like Jeremiah Program, which are among the most successful in leading transformative change for single mothers and their children.

“We deeply believe that when single moms win, our country wins,” said Chastity Lord, President and CEO, Jeremiah Program. “At Jeremiah Program we encourage moms to both express gratitude and exercise frustration for bad public policy that feeds generational poverty. Influencing systems change is also their birthright. For over 25 years, Jeremiah Program has supported single moms in dreaming big dreams for themselves, their children, and their communities. We thank Share Our Strength for acknowledging the vital role economic mobility plays in eradicating poverty generation by generation, and recognizing the valuable work Jeremiah Program is fulfilling to ensure these women and their children have bright and bountiful futures.”

With nine campuses across the country, JP is a national thought leader on generational poverty and the systemic barriers facing single-parent families. The organization’s success lies in its commitment to meeting the moment, reframing the narrative and national conversation about single mothers, addressing structural inequities, and following the leadership of women most proximate to the issues of early childhood education, college access, income inequality and affordable housing.

“Strong, stable, and secure mothers help raise strong, stable, and secure kids,” said Lillian Singh, executive vice president, Family Economic Mobility at Share Our Strength. “By supporting single mothers, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and hunger that affects too many families across the country. We’re eager to fuel the incredible work of our community partners, and stand ready to convene a national conversation to champion a better future for single mothers and their kids.”

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About Jeremiah Program: Jeremiah Program (JP) is a national organization whose mission is to disrupt the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. By investing simultaneously in a mother’s vision for her personal and professional goals and the education of her children, she simultaneously reauthors her family’s outcome as well as her community’s — proof points matter. In 2023, JP actively served over 2,000 moms and children across nine cities: Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Fargo, ND-Moorhead, MN; Las Vegas, NV; Minneapolis, MN; Rochester, MN; and St. Paul, MN.